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Tri Folding Yoga Mat

6ft long x 2ft wide tri folding gym mat. The outer layer is manufactured from easy clean PU leather and is packed with PE cotton for great support and shock absorption. Woven carry handles for easy transportation.

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6ft x 2ft Tri Folding Gym Mat for Yoga, Pilates And Gym Workouts

Yoga Mats Dimensions

  • The exercise mat is 6ft (183cm) long x 2ft (61cm) wide
  • When unfolded the yoga mat is 2inches (5cm) thick. Once folded the mat is 6 ½inches (16 ½cm) thick


  • Colour - Blue
  • The mat is manufactured from easy clean blue PU leather
  • Packed with PE cotton for comfortable cushioning
  • Woven carry handles to facilitate easy transportation


  • Excellent support and shock absorption for yoga, Pilates and other floor workouts
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Comfortably Perform Yoga, Stretches And Floor Workouts With This 6ft x 2ft Thick Fitness Mat

Our padded tri-folding gym mat is an essential piece of equipment for any floor-based home or gym workouts. The PU leather exercise mat is 5cm (2inch) thick and filled with PE cotton to provide you with ample shock absorption which will protect your joints during workouts and floor stretches. Measuring 183cm (6ft) when fully extended, our workout mat can facilitate yogis of any size and, once folded, the mat becomes a 61cm (2ft) x 61cm (2ft) square. Woven carry handles make transporting this fitness mat incredibly easy.

  • Foldable design allows you to easily store this fitness mat.
  • The tri folding mat is 2inch (5cm)  thick and measures 6ft (183cm) long x 2ft (61cm) wide when unfolded.
  • 6½ inch(16½cm)  thick when folded.
  • Manufactured from 5cm thick PU leather and is filled with PE cotton.
  • PE cotton provides shock absorption to prevent strain on joints and muscles.
  • Carry handles allow you to easily transport this exercise mat between home and classes.
  • Easy clean materials allow you to wipe away dirt.

This thick blue exercise mat is the perfect foundation for you to perform workouts on. Our foldable mats’ outer layer is manufactured from easy clean, long lasting PU leather and is stuffed with PE cotton. This cotton acts as a cushion for your body and will provide you with a superb base for Pilates, daily stretches and home gymnastics.    

Measuring 6ft (183cm) long by 2ft (61cm) wide, this exercise floor mat is sure to offer you more than enough room to workout regardless of how tall you are. The innovative folding design of our yoga mat can turn your 183cm (6ft) long mat into a compact 2ft (61cm) package which is incredibly easy to store and transport. If you need to take your tri-folding mat to the gym the foldable design is complimented by the woven carry handles which sit either end of the mat. The strong handles offer an efficient way for you to carry your travel yoga mat from the car to the sports hall.

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