Tennis Net - 3.5mm Double Top Championship Net (22 lbs)

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Major Championship Standard Tennis Court Net. Braided 3.5mm Tennis Net With Double Layered Mesh. This Is The Best Quality Tennis Net That Money Can Buy!

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3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net | Tennis Nets | Doubles Tennis | Greenbow Sports USA

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Tennis Nets - Championship 3.5mm Double Top Tennis Net

The Ultimate No Expense Spared Tennis Net For Professional Tennis Court Posts. These Tennis Nets Are Manufactured To The Highest Possible Specification.

Tennis Net Spec:

  • Tennis Net Body - 3.5mm In High Tensile Braided Twine + Double Layered Top 6 Mesh (The Net Is Twice Folded Over Itself Within The Headband, Providing The Netting With Incredible Strength And Durability).

  • Tennis Net Banding - Side & Bottom Of Nets Are Overlock Edged.

  • Standard & Wimbledon Headband -  Standard Quad Stitched Premier Polyester Coated PVC or Wimbledon Grade Ultra White Polyester Canvas 

  • Headline Cable - 6mm PVC Coated Steel Cable. With Double Loop Finish To Suit Standard American Tennis Net Posts (Loop & Pin Is Also Available).

  • Net Dimensions - Standard (Doubles) = 42'.

  • Warranty - 3.5mm Double Top Tennis Net Has A 2 Year Guarantee. This Tennis Net Is Produced Under ISO Certified Conditions And Conforms To BS EN 1510:2004.

  • Tennis Net FAQ

  • What's the difference between the different types of tennis net?' - In truth a tennis net is a tennis net, simple as that. All our tennis nets are unmatched in look and finish which is present under the skin where the nets have intense UV treatment & stabilization, or in appearance where each net has a shrink wrapped headband. However there is an element of 'you get what you pay for' and what you do need to bear in mind is this. The more expensive the net; the longer it lasts, the better it performs & the better it looks.

  • Tennis Net FAQ

  • 'What is the height of a tennis net? & How high is a tennis net?' - The height of a tennis net is 36 Inches / 3 feet / 0.914 meters. The tennis net height is measured at the center of the net at the point where the center strap is located. To take the net height measurement, there is a tennis net height measure available: Tennis Net Height Measure There is a second measurement to the height of tennis net, and that is found at each end directly where the tennis net meets the post. This height you should never have to worry about if good quality posts are in use and have been installed correctly. Nonetheless the tennis net height here is 42 Inches / 3.5 feet / 1.07 meters. Finally it may be asked 'how wide is a tennis net?' A tennis net comes in two widths, the common standard is size is to suit a doubles tennis court which is 42 feet from and to the center of each post. Tennis nets especially for singles courts are 33 feet. It is common that the nets are made a couple inches shy of this figures to take into account the width of the tennis posts.