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Speed & Agility Hockey Training Ladder

Hockey speed ladder for improving agility, leg speed, reaction and coordination. Adjustable rungs suit coaching of all ages.

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  • 10ft or 20ft
  • The 10ft speed ladder will contain 6 rungs
  • The 20ft speed ladder will contain 12 rungs


  • Agility ladder is 16in wide


  • Rungs slide up and down the ladder edges so the gaps can be easily adjustable
  • Flat, professional-style rungs as opposed to round shaped alternatives to minimise risk of injury
  • Speed ladder ends can be joined together if you require a longer layout for a more challenging workout
  • Ladder is made from plastic rungs and nylon edges 
Hockey Speed Ladder - 3m Or 6m Lengths

Speed ladders for hockey training can be used to improve mobility through stride technique, coordination, and speed.

 Suitable for all ages the ladder features movable rungs allowing for varying foot speeds.

 With flat rungs opposed to the traditional cylinder ones, this ladders reduces the risk of trips and falls.

 It’s the ideal option for any side from juniors through to professionals.