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Socketed Netball Posts

Socketed Netball Posts manufactured from 2 inch diameter galvanised steel finished with a blue powder coating. Posts stand at 10ft tall and can be adjusted to a height of 9ft or 8ft. Hoop is 15 inches in diameter and made from 0.4 inch steel. 2mm nylon twine netting. Available individually or as a pair.

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10ft Fixed Netball Posts Manufactured From Galvanized Steel


  • Standard height: 10ft (3m) tall
  • Adjustable heights: 9ft (2.75m) or 8ft (2.5m)
  • Hoop: 15 inches (38cm) in diameter
  • Ground socket: 18 inches (46cm)


  • Posts: 2 inch (50mm) galvanized steel finished in a blue
  • Hoop: 0.4 inch (11mm) steel
  • Goal net: knotted nylon twine


  • Hoop conforms with competitive netball regulations
  • Socketed posts permanently anchor posts in place
  • Available individually or as a pair  
Regulation 10ft Tall Socketed Netball Posts With High-Quality 2mm Knotted Nylon Nets

Create a permanent netball court with these 10ft (3m) tall socketed netball posts. Complete with 18 inch (46cm) ground sockets, a 15 inch (38cm) hoop and a hard-wearing knotted twine net, these steel netball posts can be used by experienced players and amateurs in any location from schools and leisure centres to professional training grounds. Due to their adjustable design, these posts are suitable for players with varying abilities. Each post can be easily lowered to either 9ft (2.75m) or 8ft (2.5ft) for younger players to effectively improve their shooting skills.

  • 10ft (3m) tall socketed netball posts can be adjusted to heights of 9ft (2.75m) or 8ft (2.5m).
  • Ground sockets are 18 inches (46cm).
  • Posts are manufactured from 2 inch (50mm) galvanized steel finished with a blue powder coating.
  • Competition spec 15 inch (38cm) diameter netball hoop made from 0.4 inch (11mm) thick steel.
  • Regulation netball net is made from 2mm nylon twine.
  • Socketed posts are available individually or as a pair.

To provide the optimum level of durability and deter the appearance and effects of rust, these 2 inch (50mm) diameter galvanized steel posts have been finished with a deep blue power coating. This premium level of construction is continued into the regulation size netball net provided. The dense and robust nets have been manufactured from a high-quality 2mm knotted nylon that will not rip or tear as netballs sail through the 15 inch (38cm) steel hoop.

Whether you plan to play regulation netball, high five ball or netta these posts can be lowered to heights of 9ft (2.75m) or 8ft (2.5ft), these adjustable posts are ideal for junior and senior players.