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Rugby Tackle Tubes [Pro Model]

Pro-standard Rugby Tackle Tube ideal for testing your footwork and tackling on the move. 600gsm rip-proof and weatherproof PVC cover. Handle for carrying rugby balls. Suitable for Rugby League and Union.

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Pro-Standard Rugby Tackle Ring - Rip Proof & Weatherproof


  • Junior (4.5kg): 38cm (15 Inches) Inner x 84cm (33 Inches) Outer x 23cm (9 Inches) Thickness
  • Youth (6kg): 41cm (16 Inches) Inner x 94cm (37 Inches) Outer x 25cm (10 Inches) Thickness
  • Senior (7kg): 51cm (20 Inches) Inner x 102cm (40 Inches) Outer x 25cm (10 Inches) Thickness


  • Superior multi-layered foam core
  • Rip-proof 600gsm PVC covers
  • Weatherproof and easy to clean
  • Heavy duty double-strapped handle for rugby balls


  • Color: Blue
Tackle On The Move With This Pro Standard Rugby Tackle Tube

These rugby tackle tubes are the ideal piece of training equipment to improve your footwork and tackling. Made to the highest calibre specifications possible, these tackle tubes are manufactured using a superior multi-layered high density foam core, with the tubes inner empty circle providing a moving target for you to tackle, therefore replicating realistic match situations to a professional standard.

  • Robust, rip-proof 600gsm PVC covers are built to withstand high impact hits, time and time again
  • Multi-layered foam core is designed to take tough tackles without injuring your players
  • PVC covers ensure full weatherproof protection, allowing use year-round
  • Heavy duty handle perfect for holding a rugby ball to add realism to training
  • Available in three sizes; Junior (4.5kg), Youth (6kg), and Senior (7kg).

Our rugby tackle tube promotes great body position while being able to tackle from any angle. This elite-level piece of rugby training equipment will improve rucking technique as well as timing and agility. For an even more advanced training session, simply place the rugby ball inside the ring before making the tackle.

The low height design of the tackle tube concentrates on the tackler getting in the correct low body position, while the 25cm thick cushion provides a comfortable impact landing helping to avoid injuries to players. Made from a fully weather-resistant PVC covering which is easy to clean, the tackle tube is suitable for all weather conditions, making it a must have for any aspiring rugby club.

Available in junior, youth and senior sizes, these rugby tackle tubes are the perfect training aid to improve your footwork and tackling on the move while remaining injury-free. With these part of your rugby set-up, you're guaranteed to take your tackling game to a whole new level.

   Inner Diameter  Outer Diameter  Thickness  Junior (4.5kg)  38cm (15 Inches)  84cm (33 Inches)  23cm (9 Inches)  Youth (6kg)  41cm (16 Inches)  94cm (37 Inches)  25cm (10 Inches)  Senior (7kg)  51cm (20 Inches)  102cm (40 Inches)  25cm (10 Inches)