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Replacement Net for Ultimate Cricket Cage

Replacement one-piece net to be used with the popular Ultimate Cricket Net set-up. Available in lengths of 20ft, 32ft, 52ft & 70ft. Heavy duty mesh netting that will last.

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High Quality Garden Cricket Netting That Hits The Rest For Six!

  • Made From The Right Stuff

    Manufactured from 0.08in HDPE with 1.9in tough mesh, the quality of the net is undeniable. It's durability makes it a popular choice in schools and clubs.

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    4 Length Options To Choose From

    With 20ft, 32ft, 50ft and 70ft lengths to choose from you can ensure that you're getting the right net to fit your cage.

  • Need A New Net? No Problem

    Nets sometimes need replacing, even in the popular Ultimate range. This high quality one-piece net can seamlessly fit into your existing Ultimate set-up.


Complete One Piece Net with Roof The Ultimate Cricket Net was designed with the cricketer’s needs in mind. Whether you are a batsman or a bowler, this netting offers a safe and rewarding environment. This roofed net is ideally used as a replacement to your existing Ultimate set-up.
  • Size: 10ft wide and 9ft high, with a choice of 4 lengths: 20ft, 32ft, 52ft or 70ft.
  • One piece drop-in net with roof.
  • Net is #42 weight HDPE, with 1 3/4" mesh.
  • Whilst the Ultimate net was made for the optimum home-cricket experience, the quality of the material means that it is a popular choice with clubs and schools too. The complete Ultimate package is available from Net World Sports, which includes everything you need for a cricket cage set-up.



• 10ft wide and 9ft high, with a choice of 4 lengths: 20ft, 32ft, 52ft or 70ft.

Net Materials

• Net is 0.08in HDPE, with 2in mesh

• One piece drop-in net with roof.