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Premium Exercise & Yoga Mat

The premium lightweight Yoga Mat is perfect for use at home and in the gym. Made from eco-friendly PU and natural rubber, the non-slip surface offers excellent levels of grip. The non-slip yoga mat is 6ft (183cm) in length and 2.2ft (68cm) in width. Comes in blue with convenient alignment design and useful carry strap.

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Eco Friendly Yoga Mat with Alignment Design

  • Portable Yoga Mats | Home Workout Mats

    Handy Alignment Design

    The alignment markings are perfect for guiding beginners and pros alike into the right and correct postures to help you get the most out of yoga. The intelligent markers give yogis as much or as little guidance as needed.

  • Eco-Friending Yoga & Exercise Mats

    Eco Friendly manufacturing

    The yoga mat is made from non-toxic natural rubber meaning the material is biodegradable and easily cleaned, making it extra hygienic.

  • Premium Exercise & Yoga Mat | Gym Mats

    Lightweight and Portable

    Weighing less than 3kg (7lbs), the portable yoga mat can be easily rolled away and used at home and the gym. A handy carry strap offers added levels of convenience for taking your portable yoga mat between places.

Portable Yoga Mat with Carry Strap


  • 6ft (183cm) in Length
  • 2.2ft (68cm) in Width
  • 5mm thick


  • Made using eco-friendly materials
  • Manufactured from PU and Natural Rubber
  • Non-slip surface for excellent grip offers excellent grip – even when used for Hot Yoga


  • Alignment design enables all Yogis to reach and maintain perfect positioning
  • Non-toxic, easy clean and hygienic
  • Includes a useful carry strap
  • Weight: 2.9kg (6.4lbs)
  • Available colour: Blue
Non-Slip Hygienic Yoga Mat in Blue

The eco friendly yoga mat is an ideal base for performing all forms of yoga and Pilates. Made from natural rubber and PU material, the non-toxic material is easily cleaned and hygienic.

  • Weighs less than 3kg (7lbs) for easy portability
  • Handy carry strap for transporting
  • Alignment design to help prevent injury and maintain perfect positioning
  • 5mm thick for premium levels of padding and comfort
  • Non-slip surface for excellent levels of grip
  • Eco friendly, easy clean surface

Weighing just 2.9kg (6.4 lbs), the lightweight design makes the roll up yoga mat perfect for transporting and using both at home and in the gym. The mat for yoga can be compactly rolled up whilst the addition of a useful carry strap makes carrying the mat incredibly simple.

The Yoga matting is manufactured from non-toxic, eco friendly materials ensuring the mat remains hygienic and can be cleaned easily. It also features an impressive alignment design which enables all users to reach and maintain perfect positioning, as well as helping to prevent injury from poor technique.

The impressive non-slip material ensures premium levels of grip are maintained on any surface, even when being used for hot yoga. Furthermore, the thickness of the easy roll-up yoga mat ensures high levels of comfort are always maintained.

Net World Sports offer a range of Yoga Mats, along with other specially designed fitness equipment ready for home use or as the perfect gym accessories.