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Wooden Tennis Scoreboard [Freestanding]

An excellent addition to your tennis court, this Freestanding Wooden Tennis Scoreboard allows players to score games & sets with ease. Easy-fold design allows for simple storage & transportation. Traditional Green.
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High-Visibility Traditional Wooden Tennis Scoreboard

Keeping score during a tennis match should never be a difficult task and with this wooden tennis scoreboard, losing track will never be the case. The impressive scorer allows players to simply keep track of games and sets using the high-visibility number cards, leaving on-lookers in no doubt as to which way the match is going. Completely freestanding, this tennis court scoreboard features an easy-fold design, which allows users to store and transport it with exceptional ease.

  • Freestanding Wooden Tennis Scoreboard – 25in x 20in
  • Allows players to score games & sets with ease
  • Features blank cards for players names
  • Manufactured from high-quality treated wood for supreme durability
  • Easy-fold design allows for simple storage & transportation

Expertly crafted, this tennis scoreboard guarantees outstanding durability. An excellent choice for clubs, academies & tournaments, the impressive construction has been created using treated wood and finished with a traditional green coating, giving it a world-class appearance on any tennis court. The high-vis game, set & name cards feature a heavy-duty plastic, allowing them to cope with the demands of regular competitive tennis activity.

PLEASE NOTE: For maximum longevity, we recommend storing the Traditional Wooden Tennis Scoreboards indoors when not in use.


Freestanding Wooden Tennis Scoreboard Specifications


  • Scoreboard: Treated Wood
  • Number Cards: Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Fixings: Premium Metal


  • Size: 25in x 20in | 64cm x 52cm


  • Scoreboard features an easy-fold design for simple storage & transportation
  • Completely freestanding – suitable for any tennis court surface
  • Flip numbers (games), number cards (sets), blank name cards & marker pen included
  • Heavy duty metal fixings included
  • For maximum longevity we recommend storing indoors when not in use
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