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Vermont Colt Mini Tennis Rackets [4 Sizes]

The perfect start up tennis rackets for all ages, the Vermont Colt is available as a mini tennis racket (19in, 23in & 25in) or as a senior (27in) option. Premium aluminum racket frame provides a well-balanced performance with supreme durability.
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Vermont Colt Mini Tennis Rackets – Start Up Tennis Rackets For All Ages

A tennis racket designed for players starting out, the Vermont Colt is a tennis racket for all ages to enjoy. Available in 4 sizes; 19in, 23in, 25in & 27in, the Vermont Colt Tennis Rackets are ideal for all three stages of mini tennis (players aged 10 & under) & senior players. From mini red (stage 3) tennis right through to regular full-size tennis, the Vermont Colt Tennis Rackets provide players with the continuity required to maximize the development of their game. All three mini tennis rackets feature a color indicator to highlight which phase is most suitable. For more information, please see the mini tennis racket guide below.

  • Vermont Colt Tennis Rackets – For Mini Tennis & Senior Players
  • Mini Tennis Rackets: 19in (Mini Red), 23in (Mini Orange), 25in (Mini Green)
  • Vermont Colt Tennis Racket is also available as a senior (27in) option
  • Tennis Rackets are engineered from premium aluminum for supreme durability
  • Blue & Yellow colorway specifically designed to match ProCourt Tennis Sets
  • Mini Tennis Rackets feature a mini tennis stage color indicator on the frame
  • Tennis Rackets come with a racket head cover included

Expertly designed to deliver a well-balanced performance with exceptional durability, the Vermont Colt Tennis Rackets guarantee to be a part of your racket bag for a very long time. The premium-grade aluminum racket head & shaft allow players excellent hitting power whilst ensuring control of the tennis ball is always maintained. Each tennis racket features a comfortable grip, which offers moisture-absorbent qualities to ensure players always retain a firm hold of the tennis racket. For excellent protection when not being used, the Vermont Colt Tennis Rackets come with a high-quality racket head cover included.

Mini Tennis Racket Guide

Tennis Racket Mini Tennis Stage Age
Vermont Colt 19in Red/Stage 1 8 & Under
Vermont Colt 23in Orange/Stage 2 8 & 9
Vermont Colt 25in Green/Stage 1 9 & 10
Vermont Colt 27in N/A 10+

Vermont Colt Mini Tennis Rackets Specifications

Tennis Racket Sizes:

  • 19in | 48cm – Mini Tennis Red / Stage 3
  • 23in | 58cm – Mini Tennis Orange / Stage 2
  • 25in | 63cm – Mini Tennis Green / Stage 1
  • 27in | 69cm – Senior Tennis Players


  • Racket Head & Shaft manufactured using premium-grade aluminum
  • Ultra-durable aluminum construction well-equipped to cope with regular tennis
  • Tennis Rackets feature a moisture-absorbent comfortable handle grip


  • String Pattern (19in): 16 x 16
  • String Pattern (23in/25in/27in): 16 x 19
  • Headsize (Mini Tennis Rackets): 90sq inches
  • Headsize (Senior Tennis Racket): 103sq inches


  • Tennis Rackets feature a blue & yellow color way to match ProCourt Tennis Sets
  • Mini Tennis Rackets feature a mini tennis stage color indicator on the frame
  • Rackets come with racket head cover included
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