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Spring Back Soccer Free Kick Mannequins [3 Pack]

Set of three ultra-durable soccer free kick mannequins. Hard-wearing yet lightweight mesh bodies. Each training dummy is supported by two spring-loaded slalom poles which are made from shatterproof plastic. Mannequins are 5ft tall.
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5ft Tall Soccer Training Dummies With Spring-Loaded Shatterproof Support Poles

Perfect your free kick technique from any distance by incorporating these soccer training mannequins into your set piece drills. Sold in packs of three, these spring-back free kick dummies are 5ft tall. This realistic height forces free kick takers to get their shots up and over the wall, in turn improving their accuracy from all dead ball scenarios.

  • 5ft tall free kick training mannequins
  • Lightweight yet ultra-durable mesh mannequin bodies
  • Each training dummy is supported by two spring-loaded slalom poles
  • Spring-loaded design ensures your mannequins will pop back into position
  • Support poles are made from 25mm thick shatterproof plastic
  • Suitable for soft grass surfaces
  • Takes just two minutes to set up
  • Sold in packs of three

The body of each free kick mannequin is manufactured from a high-quality mesh which will not rip when struck by a soccer ball. This hard-wearing composition allows your free kick takers to practice a wide range of striking techniques without the risk of your equipment suffering damage. Each soccer training mannequin is supported by two spring-loaded slalom poles. This unique design allows the mannequins to absorb the impact of any soccer ball, then spring back into position to ensure you do not need to constantly reconfigure your training drills.

Suitable for use on grass surfaces, the base of each 25mm thick shatterproof plastic support pole features a large metal ground spike. This heavy-duty metal spike deeply roots your freekick mannequins in place throughout strong winds, providing exceptional stability during all weather conditions.  




  • Height: 5ft | 1.5m
  • Slalom pole thickness: 25mm


  • Mannequin bodies: Ultra-durable mesh
  • Slalom poles: Shatterproof plastic


  • Tailor-made for freekick practice
  • Also suitable as an obstacle during dribbling practice
  • Coiled springs placed at the bottom of each pole allow the dummies to bounce back into position
  • Carry bag included for easy storage and transportation
  • Suitable for soft surfaces
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