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RapidFire Mega Soccer Rebounder

RapidFire Mega Soccer Rebounder with a fully adjustable angle for varying skill training drills. 38mm galvanized steel frame with a 2mm knotless polyethylene rebound net. Weatherproof and freestanding foldable frame. Small (5ft x 6ft) and Large (7ft x 8ft) sizes.
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RapidFire Mega Soccer Rebounder – Extra Large Rebound Net For Soccer Skill Training Sessions

Train multiple skills with the RapidFire Mega Soccer Rebounder. The enhanced size of the extra-large soccer rebound net allows for greater diversity of skills, providing players of all positions with a premium piece of soccer training equipment. From goalkeeper reaction drills to heading, volleying and first touch training, the versatile soccer bounce back rebounder will have your entire squad fully prepared for matchday success.

  • Two mega soccer rebounder sizes available – Small (5ft x 6ft) and Large (7ft x 8ft)
  • Rebounder frame is manufactured from 1mm thick 38mm OD galvanized steel with anti-slip rubber feet
  • Soccer rebound net made from 2mm knotless polyethylene with a mesh size of 28mm
  • Adjustable rebound angle with the capability of being laid flat for storage
  • Black powder-coated weatherproof soccer rebounder net with bungee ties included for attachment

The jumbo soccer rebounder features a fully adjustable angle, allowing for varying ball delivery trajectories for high, low and medium bounces. As a space-saving storage design, the soccer rebound board can be made compact by folding flat when out of use. This convenient feature makes the soccer rebounder a top-quality addition to any soccer club, sports centre, school or backyard soccer training set-up.

Built with the ability to provide several years’ worth of use, the heavy-duty soccer rebounder frame protects the structure from becoming damaged by collisions with the ball. Manufactured using 38mm thick OD galvanized steel which has been powder coated black for supreme weather-resistance, the weatherproof soccer kickback rebounder can be left assembled outdoors without any risk of rust or corrosion.

Providing firm and heavy bounces, the taut soccer rebound net is equally durable, having been made from 2mm knotless polyethylene with a mesh size of 28mm. Incredibly responsive to the delivery of the ball, the premium soccer rebounding netting offers heavier bounces depending on how powerfully the ball is struck. The versatile soccer rebound wall allows you to customize the delivery to suit the specific skill training drill, enhancing the effectiveness of your match preparations.

Freestanding in design, this professional quality soccer rebounder is suitable for use on all playing surfaces, whether you train on grass or artificial surfaces. Featuring rubber feet to prevent slipping during use, the adjustable soccer rebound net is the best way to improve a wide variety of fundamental soccer skills. Available in either a small or large soccer bounce back rebounder, the jumbo soccer rebound net is perfect for use by players of all ages.


RapidFire Mega Soccer Rebounder Specifications

Size Options

  • Small – 5ft x 6ft (1.5m x 1.8m)
  • Large – 7ft x 8ft (2.1m x 2.4m)
  • Materials

  • Frame - 1mm thick 38mm OD galvanized steel powder coated black
  • Net - 2mm knotless polyethylene with a 28mm mesh size
  • Miscellaneous

  • Adjustable angle for varying ball delivery
  • Frame can be folded flat for storage
  • Anti-slip rubber feet on the base of the frame
  • Snap button assembly joints for no-tools assembly
  • Freestanding for use on all surfaces
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Bungee ties included
  • Recommended that two people assemble the rebounder
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