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FORZA Training Soccer Ball

FORZA Training Soccer Ball for all levels of the game. With an EvoGlide surface, reinforced inner bladder and strong outer layer, the brightly colored soccer ball is perfect for match preparations. Size 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 available.
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FORZA Training Soccer Ball – Top Quality Soccer Training Equipment For All Age Groups

Make each training sessions count with the FORZA Training Soccer Ball. Designed with highly durable materials for consistent use, the heavy-duty soccer ball represents the best way to improves a variety of soccer skills over the course of a season. Featuring a florescent and visible orange design, the ball can also be used be used as a winter training soccer ball for low-visibility match preparations.

  • Training soccer ball available for purchase in five sizes - Size 1 soccer ball (mini), Size 2 soccer ball (Midi), Size 3 soccer ball (Kids), Size 4 soccer ball (Junior) or Size 5 soccer ball (Senior)
  • Designed for the long haul, the tough soccer ball has a robust outer layer and reinforced inner bladder which is long-lasting
  • Enhanced first touch capabilities due to the integrated foam cushioned layer which provides high levels of comfort
  • The cutting-edge EvoGlide surface guarantees consistency and improved strength from the first kick to the last
  • As well as being suitable for use by all age groups, the training soccer ball comes in the following quantities - 1, 3 or 30

Designed in conjunction with FIFA IMS specifications, you can rest assured that this professional soccer training ball is of the highest quality. The multi-skill practice soccer ball can be used by players of all positions during a multitude of training drills. Ball control will be better than ever before thanks to the comfort afforded the inner foam layer, making this the best soccer ball for training sessions and drills.

Having been manufactured with the strength and consistency to provide seasons worth of skill practice, the weatherproof soccer ball is suitable for use in all conditions. Its highly durable inner bladder is encased by a heavy-duty outer skin which is capable of hitting the back of the net on a regular basis without becoming damaged or losing its shape and inflation.

Whether you’re looking for a junior training ball or a soccer ball for seniors, the versatile training soccer ball comes in 4 sizes to suit all age groups. Choose between size 2, 3, 4 or 5 soccer balls to best suit your needs, with the option to purchase a single ball or stock up with packs of 3 or 30. Upgrade your practice sessions with the premium quality FORZA Training Soccer Ball.


FORZA Training Soccer Ball Specifications


  • Size 1 – Mini
  • Size 2 – Midi
  • Size 3 – Kids
  • Size 4 – Juniors
  • Size 5 – Seniors


  • Available in packs of 1, 3 or 30

Panel Quantity

  • 32 panels


  • Orange, blue & black


  • EvoGlide surface for greater consistency
  • Highly durable outer skin and inner bladder
  • Foam cushioned layer for enhanced control


  • Designed to FIFA IMS specifications
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