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FORZA Football Resistance Speed Chute


An essential piece of training equipment to aid with speed and stamina. Featuring a 137cm chute that provides an additional 22kg of resistance, this wind resistance chute will help strengthen lower body muscles and improve stamina. Comes with one size fits all belt and heavy-duty clasp.

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Get An Essential Training Aid With The FORZA Resistance Chute

This speed parachute is perfect for the player or coach looking to add speed and acceleration to their game. A 137cm drag chute is attached to the prospective player with an adjustable one-size-fits-all belt adding a huge 22kg of resistance that intensifies practices, improves stamina and increases rapidity.

  • Adjustable waist belt is made from premium black cord webbing
  • Canopy is crafted from lightweight black and silver polyester with white inner mesh
  • Running chute will add additional 22kg (50lbs) resistance to player
  • FORZA resistance canopy has a diameter of 137cm (54 inches)
  • Drawstring carry bag supplied for easy storage and transport

Measuring 137cm (54 inches) the resistance parachute will easily and seamlessly open up as you start to run. Once completely open, the run resistant parachute will deliver an additional 22kg of resistance which will help strengthen leg muscles and build stamina. This form of overspeed training will provide you with the explosive pace and stamina you need during crucial games.

Designed with ease of use and versatility in mind, this drag parachute features a one size fits all black cord belt and heavy-duty plastic clasp attached to the run chute. This means that the run resistant chute is ideal for players of all body types and sizes. This training chute also comes with and easy carry bag to aid with transport and storage



  • Canopy Diameter: 137cm (54 inches)


  • Polyester and mesh
  • Cord belt with heavy-duty clasp


  • Comes in Black and Silver
  • Speed chute can add up to 22kgs (50lbs) of resistance
  • Strong winds can also increase resistance
  • One size fits all waist belt
  • Drawstring carry bag for storage and transportation
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