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FORZA ASTRO Hockey Mannequins [Includes Bases]

FORZA ASTRO Field Hockey Mannequins made from shatterproof, highly durable PVC with a moulded chest piece. Built in spikes insert into bases included, to make them suitable for artificial surfaces. Available in junior (5ft 4in) and senior (6ft) in packs of 1 or 3.
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Represent The Opposition With Our Field Hockey Mannequins on AstroTurf or Indoors

Defenders and attackers can be emulated with these hockey mannequins. Whether you need an obstacle to dribble around, to squeeze yourself through on goal, or a player marker to show your tactical and positional genius, the mannequins can play a part.

  • Manufactured from high quality PVC and fitted with a moulded chest piece for further reinforcement.
  • Ideal dribbling obstacle or positional marker to make the runs in behind.
  • Bases included for use on artificial surfaces and indoors.
  • Highly visible yellow colour for use even in the dark winter evenings.
  • Available at 5ft 4in and 6ft to imitate the potential players you will play against.

The field hockey mannequins are the perfect training ground equipment for a coach running attack minded drills, or going over tactics and positioning with your team. If you are running through attacking hockey drills, you may use the mannequins as an obstacle in dribbling drills or as a target to make runs around. Another potential use may come as a dummy defender for short corner practice, making sure your drag flicker really finds the top corner, whilst sparing any real brave defender in practice.

Constructed from highly durable, shatterproof PVC, the mannequin is built to survive both the weather and physical contact. Only to add to this protection, is the moulded chest piece providing further strengthening. Always have clear sight on your training equipment, even in the darker months of the year, with The high visibility colour of the PVC.

This set of mannequins are supplied with heavy rubber bases, weighing 13kg, and can therefore be used on harder surfaces. The mannequins built in spikes can be fitted into grass, or into the bases to become suitable for AstroTurf, water base, or other hard surfaces.

   Height  Width / Diameter
 5ft 4in (1.63cm)  24in (60cm)
 6ft (1.83cm)  24in (60cm)


  • Height: 5ft 4in (1.63m) - Junior or 6ft (1.83m) - Senior
  • Width: 24inches (0.61m)


  • Manufactured from highly durable, shatterproof PVC with a moulded chest piece for further reinforcement
  • Mannequin Colour: Fluorescent Yellow
  • Includes 4 ground spikes to secure the mannequin into the ground or rubber bases for use on artificial surfaces
  • Rubber base is manufactured from heavy duty reinforced black rubber
  • Base weight: 13kg (29lbs)
  • Base Colour: Black


  • Sold individually or as a set of three
  • With the bases, mannequins can be used on artificial surfaces, where spikes cannot enter the ground
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