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FORB Dual-Speed Putting Mat Trainer

10ft long FORB Dual Speed Putting Mat. Smooth and textured greens provide varied practice. Heavy-duty rubber base and ball return rack.
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FORB Dual-Speed Putting Green Manufactured With An Automatic Ball Return Rack

Constructed with a double-sided grass putting surface, the FORB Dual-Speed Putting Mat is the best way to improve your putting stroke in your back garden or living room. The indoor golf mat features a split design which uses two grades of artificial grass to replicate a fast or slow green. These varied surfaces ensure you are ready to face a variety of greens during a competitive round of 18 holes.   

  • The FORB Dual-Speed Putting Mat Trainer is 10ft long and 1ft wide
  • Smooth and rough sections for varied putting practice
  • Auto-return system saves time in between putting swings
  • Thick rubber base provides the optimum level of stability
  • Storage space for three golf balls and a golf club

To provide the optimum level of stability across all flat surfaces, the removeable base of this FORB golf putting mat is manufactured from heavy-duty rubber. This hard-wearing material will not shift when golf balls are struck, providing you with a high-level of performance across all flat surfaces. The consistent ball trajectory this putting mat provides will help you to build a consistent swinging technique for impressive results on the green.

Made to save you time in between each practice shot, the FORB – Dual Speed Putting Mat Trainer utilises a ball return system which quickly sends both accurate and inaccurate golf balls straight back to you. This auto-return system negates the need for you to travel up and down the 10ft indoor putting mat after every swing, ensuring you spend the maximum amount of time improving your putting skills.


FORB Dual-Speed Putting Mat Training Specifications  


  • Length: 10ft (3m)
  • Width: 1ft (0.3m)


  • Putting surface: Artificial turf
  • Base: Heavy-duty rubber


  • Dual-speed putting mat features a ball and club holder
  • Golf ball and club holder are positioned at the top of this putting mat
  • Base can be removed for storage
  • Ball return system saves time
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