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Where we started

Our humble beginnings started in no place other than our CEO, Alex’s school playground. Having bought a cricket bat online for £60 he emailed the manufacturers and asked how much it cost to make. They replied saying £6, so he bought 10 directly and began selling them to friends and teachers, inadvertently breaching rules of no sales over £10.

Fast forward a couple of years later and seeing the legs of a potential business, 17-year-old Alex began working seven days a week at a builder’s merchants and had soon saved up £13,000. Eager to start selling, he did away with the traditional need for samples and spent it all on an entire container of sports nets.

The risk paid off. By this point Alex was working 24 hours a day aided by his father’s support with packaging. In 2009 Net World Sports became a limited company and the rest, they say, is history…

Where we are

As a leading international sports equipment provider, our product range covers virtually every sport, from football, baseball, cricket, tennis and golf through to netball, lacrosse, archery and ice hockey. Our ethos is simple; to provide niche products to the mass market as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We offer our 5,000 strong product range to customers in more than 100 countries across the globe and manufacture more than 100,000 of our FORZA Football Goals every year, earning us the moniker as the world’s number one football goal supplier.

We have grown rapidly in, what is, a relatively short amount of time.

Where we're going

We will continue to work as we do, united by our tenacity to maintain high standards in the products we supply and the service we provide, to ensure you, our customers, are always satisfied.

As we continue to establish ourselves as the world’s best sports equipment retailer, we envisage our award-winning growth to continue long into the future. It’s a bold ambition but being bold sums us up.

In the words of our founder Alex:

“We’re fit for the modern era and we’re looking forwards not backwards.”

It's been quite a journey


Sales exceeded £1,000,000 for the first time in the business’ history


FORZA Football Goals were born changing the face of football forever.


New beginnings… we moved to our current location on Wrexham Industrial Estate, five times the size of our previous site.


Crowned one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses and launched 6 new international websites.


A year where we sold over 100,000 FORZA Football Goals alone.


We grew to 100 employees and supplied internationally renowned football clubs including Manchester United and Rangers FC.


We partnered with some major clubs including the Canadian Premier League and Tennis Wales. We launched innovative products to the market including our revolutionary FORZA Alu110 360˚ Football Goal Wheels.

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