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10 Hygiene Bottles (34fl oz) & Foldable Bottle Carrier

SKU: AC45027

19 inch x 8 ½ inch plastic foldable drinks bottle carrier and 10 reusable hygiene bottles. Bottles come with screw top lids and contactless nozzles and are manufactured from BPA free plastic.

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10 Spray Water Bottles With Foldable Plastic Drinks Carrier

Set of 10 hygiene bottles with a capacity of 34fl oz (1 litre) manufactured from BPA free plastic. The bottles feature an innovative nozzle system to allow users to keep their mouthguards in whilst drinking. Supplied with a 19 inch (48cm) x 8 ½ inch (21cm) collapsible plastic carrier which has 10 individual sections for each bottle.

  • 10 x BPA free 34fl oz (1 litre) hybrid bottles and foldable carrier.
  • Bottles are manufactured from BPA free soft squeeze plastic.
  • Contactless Nozzle system allows the user to drink with their mouthguards in.  
  • Screw top lid and wide mouth for quick refills. 
  • Foldable carrier is constructed from sturdy plastic.
  • Plastic carrier measures 19 inches (48cm) long x 8 ½ inches (21cm) wide when unfolded.
  • 2 inches (5cm) wide once folded.
  • 5 inches (13cm) deep individual sections for each hygiene bottle.
  • Striking Fluro Yellow design

Each hybrid water bottle has a contactless nozzle system which allows users to drink whilst keeping their mouthguards in. This also helps stem the spread of germs and bacteria by ensuring no mouth needs to touch the plastic in order to draw water. All you need to do is place your chin on the chin rest, squeeze the water bottle and the splash guards positioned either side of the nozzle will smoothly direct liquid into your mouth.

With a capacity of 34fl oz (1 litre) the hygiene bottles are perfect for both training sessions and matches. Manufactured from soft squeeze, BPA free plastic the 10 spray bottles have screw top lids which form a tight seal to prevent leaks. The screw top lid couples with the wide mouth to make refills a swift task.   

The collapsible carrier is fitted with 10 individual sections which are 5 inches (13cm) deep. These sections prevent your hygiene bottles from falling out whilst you are on the move. Constructed from ultra-durable plastic with an ergonomic first grip this sports bottle carrier measures 19 inches (48cm ) long x 8 ½ inches (21cm) wide when unfolded. The carrier can be folded for storage into a 2 inch (5cm) wide unit.


Foldable carrier dimensions

  • Unfolded: 19 inches (48cm) long x 8 ½ inches (21cm) wide
  • Folded: 19 inches(48cm) long x 2 inches (5cm) wide

Water Bottle Dimensions

  • Height: 11 inches (28cm)
  • Diameter 3 inches (8cm)


  • Spray water bottles are manufactured from soft squeeze BPA free plastic
  • Ultra-durable plastic carrier


  • Colour: Fluro yellow
  • Each bottle has a capacity of 34fl oz (1 litre)
  • Carrier holds up to 10 water bottles