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FORZA Training Cone Collector Pick Up Tool (Cone Champ)

25 inch FORZA Training Cones Pick-Up Tool which is extendable to 93cm for easy collection and storage of up to fifty marker cones. Manufactured from lightweight plastic. Cones sold separately

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Lightweight PVC Pick Up Tool Which Carries Up To Fifty Marker Cones

  • Extendable Yellow Cone Collection Tool

    Fifty Cone Capacity

    Capable of carrying up to fifty cones at once, the cone champ will provide you with more than enough markers to set up temporary pitches and speed drills.

  • Cone Collection Tool Which Can Be Adjusted In Height

    Extendable Pick Up Tool

    The FORZA Training Cones Pick-Up Tool is 64cm long but can be extended to 36 ½ inches, making it easy to collect cones with little effort, regardless of your height.

  • Pick Up Tool For Training And Marker Cones

    Minimises Collection Time

    All you need to do to pick up cones is push the tool through the markers opening. This will hook your cone in place allowing you to move onto the next one.

Cone Champ Dimensions

  • Standard size: 25 inches (64cm)
  • Extended: 36 ½ inches (93cm)


  • Ultra-durable PVC plastic


  • Colour: Yellow
  • Stores up to fifty cones 
  • Cones sold separately
Extendable Cone Champ For Quick Collection Of FORZA Training Marker Cones.

Reduce the time spent setting up and clearing away training sessions with this cone collection tool. Manufactured from ultra-durable, high visibility yellow plastic, the FORZA Training Cones Pick Up Tool can be extended to 36 ½ inches (93cm), making it an effortless task to collect and store markers.

  • Cone collection tool is 25 inches (64cm).
  • Extends to 36 ½ inches (93cm).
  • Carries up to fifty FORZA Training Marker Cones.
  • Can also be used to store cones.
  • High visibility yellow colour and PVC design.

The FORZA Training Cones Pick Up Tool makes setting up temporary pitches and training drills a painless task. The extendable nature of the 25 inch (64cm) tool minimises the need for you to bend your back, in turn minimising the risk of injury. Extending to 36 ½ inches (93cm) the cone collector is a piece of training equipment suitable for everyone, regardless of height. To manually extend the cone collection tool, depress the metal button, then slide the top half of the unit upwards until the button pops through the appropriate hole.

Clearing away cones is equally straightforward, all you need to do is push the Cone Champ through the hole of your chosen cone and the retractable hook will grab it. This hook ensures the cone stays in place, allowing you to move onto the next one, without leaving anything behind. Doubling up as a storage device the cone collection tool is capable of holding up to fifty FORZA Training Marker Cones. The unit’s compact size is perfect for storing at your team’s club house and transporting a large number of cones onto the training pitch.