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FORZA Football Spring-Back Quarterback Mannequins

5ft tall quarterback defender mannequins manufactured from ultra-durable mesh. Each training dummy is supported by two shatterproof plastic slalom poles. Sold in packs of three.

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5ft Tall Defender Dummies For Quarterback Accuracy Drills


  • Height: 5ft | 1.5m
  • Pole thickness: 25mm


  • Mannequins: Lightweight mesh
  • Support poles: Shatterproof plastic


  • Suitable for quarterback accuracy training
  • For use on grass surfaces
  • Two minute set up time
  • Carry bag included
Pack Of Three Mesh Spring-Back Football Training Mannequins

Improve your quarterbacks accuracy or replicate the linesman with this pack of three football dummy defenders. Expertly designed to provide a realistically sized target for your quarterbacks to clear, these training mannequins stand at a height of 5ft tall. The impressive stature of these spring-back dummies will help your football training sessions recreate the feel of a competitive game without the need to use actual players.  

  • Football defender mannequins are 5ft tall
  • The body of these training dummies is made from ultra-durable mesh
  • 25mm shatterproof plastic slalom poles support each football dummy
  • Takes just two minutes to install or fold away
  • Carry bag included

The body of each defender mannequin is manufactured from ultra-durable mesh, which will not rip or tear when struck by an football. This high-quality construction allows quarterbacks to improve their throwing accuracy from any distance without the risk of your training dummies suffering damage. To further increase the strength of these defender mannequins, each mesh body is supported by two spring-back slalom poles. Made from 25mm thick shatterproof plastic, these support poles feature coiled springs which allow the dummies to absorb any impact, then instantly spring-back into position when struck. This innovative design ensures you will not need to constantly reset your training drills, maximising the efficiency of throwing practice.