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FORZA Basketball Shot Returner

The ultimate basketball shooting return system. Manufactured from high-quality weather resistant plastic, this basketball training aid can be used in any weather at any time of year. Features 180-degree ball return angle and adjustable clip-on straps for varied basketball training sessions. Suitable for use with any netted basketball rim.

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The Ultimate Piece of Basketball Shooting Equipment


  • Chute: High-grade, weather and shatter-proof plastic
  • Straps: High-strength wear and tear resistant corded straps


  • Features innovative snap-button assembly system
  • Attaches easily to any netted basketball rim
  • Designed for compatibility with all FORZA basketball hoops
  • Engineered with full 180-degree ball return
  • Available in jet black for less distracting practices
Premium Basketball Return System For Easier Shooting Drills

Practice your shooting rhythm without needing to retrieve the ball with this basketball hoop returner. Shooting in basketball is a skill that is required by every player. Whether it is a free throw, a lay-up or a 3-pointer, being able to consistently score is essential in any team’s success. This FORZA Basketball Shot return system is the best basketball shot returner for players of any age, size and ability.

  • Manufactured from high-grade shatter-proof plastic for fast and realistic basketball hoop ball return
  • Innovative snap-button system for easy assembly
  • Features adjustable straps for attachment to the net at any height
  • Weather resistant plastic suitable for use in any weather any time of the year
  • Attaches to any basketball net with easy clip on straps.
  • Basketball shooting return net features full 180-degree ball return
  • Available in non-distracting jet-black to allow players to focus on the rim

Manufactured from high-grade shatterproof plastic, this basketball shot trainer is designed to be ultra-durable. The weather resistant plastic is suitable for use in any weather at any time of the year without a compromise in performance. The high-quality materials featured in the basketball shot returner ensures fast and realistic returns to the player and negates the need to fetch the basketball after every shot. Specially designed to include a 180-degree ball return angle, this basketball net returner allows players to develop a consistent shooting rhythm all over the court.

Engineered with an innovative snap-button assembly structure, this basketball return net system is a perfect piece of backyard basketball training equipment and can be assembled quickly so that practice can resume faster. Featuring adjustable clip on straps, this basketball net attachment easily affixes to any net and can be adjusted to any height for varied basketball training sessions. An essential piece of basketball training equipment, this basketball hoop return system is the best basketball shot trainer for both amateur and professional basketball players.

Suitable for use on any basketball hoop, this basketball ball returner provides ultimate performance wherever it is used, year after year.