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FORZA Alu110 Soccer Goal Wheels (Lever And 360° Wheels)

FORZA Alu110 Soccer Goal Wheels available as a lever lift or 360° rotational wheels. Lever lift provides ground clearance of 100mm while the 360 wheels lift up to 10 inches. All-terrain goal wheels for effortless movement. Sets of 2 or 8.

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Premium Quality Lever Lift Or 360° Rotational Soccer Goal Wheels

FORZA Alu110 Soccer Goal Wheels (Lever And 360° Wheels) Specifications

FORZA 360° Soccer Goal Wheel Specifcations

  • Dimensions – 10in (260mm) diameter x 3in (85mm) wide
  • Ground clearance of 10 inches which is the highest lifting wheels available
  • 60mm box section T6 aerospace grade powder coated aluminum
  • Extendable non-trap lever handles
  • Easy to use securing pin
  • Rotational wheels move the goal backwards, forwards and sideways
  • Capable of moving up and down slopes, across gravel, on muddy pitches, synthetic grass and untidy pitches
  • Pivot and lock mechanism which eliminates manual lifting
  • Effortlessly moves sideways through narrow gaps such as gates and fences
  • Conforms to BS EB 748, ASTM & AS Safety Standards worldwide

FORZA Alu110 Lever Type Soccer Goal Wheels Specifications

  • Dimensions – 10in (260mm) diameter x 3in (85mm) wide
  • Heavy duty steel brackets which are zinc plated for long life
  • Black wheel and silver bracket
  • Suitable for use in all weather and on all surfaces
  • Moves the goal backwards and forwards

Soccer Goal Wheel

  • Tyre – Micro-cellular polyurethane
  • Wheel – Polypropylene
  • Heavy-duty puncture proof design
  • 220kg load capacity
  • 10” high
  • UV stabilized for all-weather performance
  • Extra wide wheels with deep diamond tread to prevent sinking into muddy surfaces
  • Greased internal bearings for smooth rotational operation
  • Suitable for use on all surfaces
Easily Transport Your FORZA Alu110 Soccer Goals With The Lever Type And 360° Rotational Socceer Goal Wheels

Upgrade the mobility of your soccer goal with the addition of our premium quality soccer goal wheels and bracket sets. Coming as a pair or a set of 8, both type of soccer wheel provides effortless movement across all surfaces, negating the need for strenuous lifting. Choose between the standard lever type goal wheels or opt for the revolutionary 360° soccer goal wheels for a full range of movement on even the most uneven pitches.

  • Lever type and 360° soccer goal wheels available for use in conjunction with FORZA Alu110 Soccer Goals
  • Lever type goal wheels feature a CAM mechanism which raises the goal up to 100mm off the ground
  • 360° rotation wheels provide a ground clearance of 10 inches while facilitating movement in all directions
  • Extra wide black micro-cellular polyurethane tyre on polypropylene wheel with a deep diamond tread
  • Both types of soccer goal wheel are available for purchase as a set of 2 or as a set of 8

The high-quality lever type soccer wheels and brackets allow for goal to be moved into position with ease. The unique lever lift CAM mechanism ensures that the soccer goal wheels lift up to 100mm off the ground, providing a smooth glide across both grass and synthetic pitches. The heavy-duty soccer goal wheel takes the strain out of manual lifting, reducing the likelihood of incurring injury during use. The system represents a safe way to lift goals, negating an over-exertion of energy.

Designed to revolutionize goal transportation, the FORZA Alu110 360° Soccer Goal Wheels allows soccer goals to be moved in all directions and fit through narrow gaps. Made from heavy-duty T6 aerospace grade aluminum, the weatherproof soccer goal rotational wheels have an extendable non-trap lever arm handle for control and elevation. The all-terrain lever lift goal wheels raise the soccer goals up to 10 inches off the ground, with a pivot and lock system which keeps the goal on its wheels throughout transit.

Each soccer goal wheel back comes with a heavy-duty black rubber tyre for effortless movement on all surfaces. The extra-wide soccer wheels measure 260mm x 85mm, comprising of micro-cellular polyurethane tyre on polypropylene wheel. Featuring a deep diamond tread, the weatherproof all-surface soccer wheels won’t sink into muddy pitches when manoeuvered throughout the year, increasing the consistency of performance. Fully puncture proof, the durable soccer goal wheels will last for multiple seasons.

PLEASE NOTE - Both the lever type and 360° soccer goal wheels have designed for use with the FORZA Alu110 Freestanding and Stadium Box Soccer Goal ranges