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FORTRESS Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage [Net & Connectors]

Excellent quality Trapezoid Cage Net and Connector Kit, available in 3 lengths. Connectors are made from galvanized steel for extra durability, with heavy duty #42 weight netting. Internally hanging one piece net.

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  • 35ft Cage – 6x four-way fittings, 4x three-way fittings, one-piece net.
  • 55ft Cage – 10x four-way fittings, 4x three-way fittings, one-piece net.
  • 70ft Cage – 12x four-way fittings, 4x three-way fittings, one-piece net.


  • Black #42 weight netting grade with 1 3/4in mesh
  • Netting is UV stabilized and rot-proof as standard for a long life
  • Internally hanging one piece net
  • Edge of net trimmed with 1/4in braided rope for extra strength
  • Galvanized steel connectors for a strong, sturdy cage


  • Can be used on grass or hard surfaces
  • The only set-up space you need is the size of the cage
  • Connectors designed to be used with 1 1/4in poles
FORTRESS Hanging Baseball Net & Connector Kit

Design a batting cage completely suited to your requirements with the Fortress Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage Net and Connectors. Use this net and connector set to form the foundation of a firm and secure batting cage set-up. Our versatile net and connector kit is completely suitable for use in a commercial setting and the backyard, so use them to create your bespoke batting cage today.

Available in three sizes, each pack is comprised of either six, ten or twelve four-way fittings and four three-way fittings. Both types of connectors provide increased stability to correctly hang the #42 weight net, whilst also creating a solid basis for a sturdy batting cage. Produced from weatherproof galvanized steel, the connectors can withstand the elements and not sustain damage.

  • A heavy-duty grade #42 net with 1 3/4 inch mesh
  • Choose from three cage sizes: 35ft, 55ft and 70ft
  • Each kit is inclusive of three-way connectors, four-way connectors and a net
  • UV stabilized and rot proof net
  • Manufactured from a high-quality galvanized steel with weatherproof properties
  • Edges of the net feature a braided rope for added durability

With a tough UV stabilized and rot resistant rectangular hanging net, this kit can be used to construct a batting cage that can be left outside. This robust net is also complimented by a braided trim around its edges for added strength and to prevent fraying. The design of the interior hanging net prevents hard baseballs from rebounding off the frame, instead they are displaced around the cage ensuring that the hitter does not sustain injury. This feature also stops damage to the structure of your bespoke cage, meaning that it will last for years to come.

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