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Croquet Sets [Backyard/Pro]

Complete Croquet Sets ideal for families, beginners and competitive use. Each set includes 4 mallets, 4 colored balls, PVC hooks and a winning post. All supplied with an Oxford canvas carry bag.

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Croquet Sets Ideal For Summertime Fun

Croquet Set Specifications

Both Sets:

  • 4 natural finish wood mallets 
  • Durable PE resin balls 
  • 6 PVC coated steel hoops/wickets
  • Hardwood painted winning post
  • Supplied with a classic green Oxford material carry bag
  • Set contains a rules and how to play guide

Senior Pro Only:

  • 4 clips for wickets
  • 4 corner flags
  • includes a hoop mallet

Senior Pro Measurements:

  • Mallets: 37.5 inch (95cm) length and 3 inch (7.5cm) diameter x 8.5 inch (21.5cm) wide head
  • Mallets: 1kg (2.2lb) approx. (weight may vary due to natural wood material)
  • Balls: 3.6 inch (9.1cm) diameter and 12oz (0.35kg) in weight
  • Wickets:1/5 inches (6mm) with a 4 inch (10cm) internal width
  • Winning post stake: 24 inches (61cm) long x 1 inch (2.5cm) wide
  • Hoop Mallet: 12 inch (30cm)

Garden Measurements:

  • Mallets: 33 inch (84cm) length and 2.5 inch (6.35cm) diameter x 8.5 inch (21.5cm) wide head
  • Mallets: 0.5kg (1lb 1oz) approx. (weight may vary due to natural wood material)
  • Balls: 2.95 inch (7.5cm) diameter and 8oz (0.23kg) in weight
  • Wickets: 1/5 inches (6mm) with a 4 inch (10cm) internal width
  • Winning post stake: 24 inches (61cm) long x 1 inch (2.5cm) wide


  • Ball colors: red, black yellow and blue
    Enjoy The Summertime Game Of Croquet With These Luxurious Sets

    Whether you’re a competitive player or looking for a recreational summer activity, the senior and backyard croquet packages features all of the necessary equipment needed for a fun filled game. Each complete set includes four full sized hardwood mallets and an assorted range of quintessential croquet balls that are supplied in red, black, blue and yellow. In addition to these essential items, both sets also include a hardwood winning post, 6 PVC coated wickets and a comprehensive rules and how to play guide.

    • 4 x natural finish wood mallets
    • 4 x PE resin balls
    • Each set features classic red, black, blue and yellow balls
    • 6 x 6mm PVC coated steel hoops/wickets with a 10cm (4 inch) internal width
    • A 24 inch (61cm) x 1 inch (2.5cm) painted hardwood winning post
    • Includes a rules and how to play guide
    • Supplied with a premium green oxford carry bag
    • 4 x clips for wickets, 4 x corner flags and a 12 inch (30cm) long hoop mallet (Senior Set Only)

    The high standard senior set includes all the required components needed for a professional game. The premium Senior Pro Croquet Set features additional items like corner flags, a hoop mallet and wicket clips. With four 37.5 inch (95cm) long mallets and 2.2lb (1kg) PE resin balls, this luxurious set can be utilised for competitive game play.

    Designed for beginners and families, the backyard set contains quality uncomplicated equipment ideal for recreational croquet games. These packages are supplied with a detailed how to guide that clearly outlines the official rules of the game, so if you’re newcomer to the strategic game of croquet, you will receive a guideline that can be tailored to your specific game requirements.

    Every element within these sets have been produced from high quality materials to guarantee long lasting durability. To safety transport your equipment, a premium and classic green Oxford material bag is supplied. The spacious bag offers enough room to effectively allow you to haul your high-quality set to any location. With strong straps that are capable of easily carrying the full weight of each item, you’ll never have an issue with transporting your croquet set.