Baseball Nets, Batting Cages & Baseball Training Gear

The highest quality baseball netting supplied to satisfied customers all over the world.

Baseball Nets

Greenbow Sports supplies a huge range of baseball cage and baseball net sizes for high schools, colleges, softball and baseball teams. Our baseball netting is of a very high standard, for at Greenbow we put quality before price. Every baseball net is UV stabilized, rot proof and tailored to suit customers individual requirements. All of our baseball cage and baseball net products can be used for baseball and softball.

Batting Cages

Greenbow Sports carries a range of 9 standard size batting cages. These batting cage nets are supplied in three standard lengths: 35' Baseball Batting Cage Net, 55' Baseball Batting Cage Net and 70' Baseball Batting Cage Net. Each hitting cage is then available in 10', 12' or 14' net widths and cage net heights. Greenbow Sports allows the customer to choose between 36 weight batting cage net, 42 weight batting cage net and 62 weight batting cage net.

Batting Cages [Net and Poles]

Choose from Greenbow Sport's selection of complete package batting cages, which include baseball netting and posts. The ULTIMATE Batting Cage is an aesthetically pleasing, easy to assemble and very durable batting cage. All baseball cages are in stock and can be shipped for two day delivery. We will be happy to give you instructions and tips on assembling a new batting cage.

Baseball Rebounder

Greenbow Sports also supplies the world's best rebounder. The RapidFire baseball rebounder net is for sale in three sizes, exclusively from Greenbow Sports. Improve reactions, catching ability and much more. A key piece of training equipment in becoming a better all round baseball player. Be prepared for some serious fun!

L Screen Nets

Nets for L Screens are available from Greenbow Sports in standard 6' x 6', 7' x 6', 7' x 6' sizes and with a choice of two grades of high density netting, supplying you with a durable and high quality L Screen net.

Backstop Nets

Greenbow Sports backstop nets can be supplied in any size you require. The backstop net is guaranteed to last for years. You will not find more durable, better quality backstop netting anywhere else.

Outfield Screens

Greenbow Sports supplies the most durable and visually impressive outfield windscreens. This baseball screen offers a stunning addition to any Ball Park. All are in stock and can be delivered in 2 days.

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