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Aluminum Foldable Rescue Stretcher & Carry Bag

Lightweight and foldable two-fold aluminum stretcher with carry bag. Only 5kg in weight with a maximum load of 159kg, it is sure to transport an injured player off the field.

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Lightweight, Foldable Rescue Stretcher with Anti-Bacterial Protection

First Aid Stretcher Dimensions

  • Unfolded Stretcher Size: 208cm (L) x 54cm (W) x 13cm (D) (82in x 21in x 5in)
  • Folded Stretcher Size: 104cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 9cm (D) (41in x 7in x 4in)
  • Weight: 5kg (11lbs)
  • Load Capacity: 159kg (351lbs)


  • Frame: High-grade, Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • Cover: PVC Coated Polyester Bed
  • With rubber handles to improve carrying grip
  • Anti-bacterial, as well as stain, chemical and crack resistant PVC coated polyester bed


  • Comes with 2 safety belts to help secure the patient
  • Carry case included for easy storage and transportation
Duo-Fold Aluminum Rescue Stretcher For Sports Injuries

In the event of an injury, you may need to get your patient to a safe place to be assessed further. The lightweight duo-fold design, first aid stretcher is a perfect portable and economical solution for the situation to ensure the injured person is carried away efficiently for treatment.

  • High quality aluminum alloy is both lightweight and very strong
  • Easily folds away into carry bag for easy storage and transportation
  • Added rubber handles for increased grip and improved control
  • Two safety belts to secure patient to prevent any possible further injury
  • Anti-bacterial, as well as crack, chemical and stain resistant PVC coated polyester material for improved hygiene and safety

With a high-quality aluminum frame, the folding stretcher is both very light and very strong. Weighing only 5KG whilst being able to carry a maximum load of 159KG, the stretcher is very transportable and easy to carry, whilst still being able to hold a person with no issues.

Transportability is a key feature, and with a carry bag, it’s a feature made even easier. The aluminum stretcher simply folds in half both vertically and horizontally to a very compact size, and slots into the carry bag.

Included with the stretcher are rubber handles and two retaining straps, to ensure the journey from the middle of the pitch to the side line is as comfortable as can be. The rubber handles improve the grip of the person holding the first aid stretcher which in turn influences the smoothness of the travel. All this whilst the retaining straps secure and hold still the injured player to ensure no further injuries occur.

This aluminum stretcher is the best piece of emergency equipment for sports teams and rescue operations. The PVC coated polyester bed is anti-bacterial as well as stain, chemical and crack resistant to keep both hygiene and safety levels at the top of the game.