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Who We Are

Greenbow Sports is an Internet Retailer with a difference! Not only are dedicated to selling professional quality sports equipment, backed up by unrivaled industry expertise. But importantly Greenbow Sports stocks everything we sell. We are not run from a bedroom- we are not just a pretty face, we have the fully operational body to go with it....we are the model professional!

Our staff offer expertise and honesty, not just sales patter. Installed from the top is a mentally that we treat any inquiry as if we were the ones seeking information. What we tell you will be honest, understandable and relevant and if a sale follows we want you to go away thinking you've got a great deal and not had a raw deal. For we want Greenbow Sports to be your first port of call for things sport!

What We Do

Greenbow Sports sells professional quality sports equipment to anyone looking for the highest quality kit, whether for professional or leisure use and whether the destination is the US or Canada! Our aim is not just to supply what everyone else does, but to supply the best. If this means improving or developing completely new products then we'll do it. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with a range of products to suit every requirement and every standard.

How We Do It

With over 25,000 sq feet of storage Greenbow Sports has it all. Whether it's track and field, badminton, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis or volleyball we have it covered. We endeavor to give the consumer a choice, we understand it's not one size fits all - that's why we offer the most comprehensive range of sports equipment anywhere!

Through this website you have access to a constantly evolving online catalogue, a portal with the complete comprehensive selection you need and with the prices you want to see! Site navigation should be straightforward; simply select categories on the left hand side and you'll be able to find the products you're looking for, once locked on you can safely and securely checkout online. We will then ship the goods direct to your door!

What We Want

We want shopping with Greenbow Sports to be an pleasurable and ultimately faith-installing exercise. Entrust in Greenbow and we will deliver.

Shipping Information

For a detailed guide to delivery & shipping related matters, please visit the page below:

Shipping Information - FAQ

If you have any comments about our site, or the products we sell, please e-mail our Customer Services team at:

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